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This past weekend, I had the awesome experience of accompanying Tamie and Chloe to Northstar Market in St. Paul, Minnesota. Between the fun we had browsing the tradeshow, singing the whole 5 hour ride, bonding over drinks and getting snowed in (!), you would think we didn’t get much business done. But mind you, I am talking about two successful business owners whose work never leaves their mind for long. In two short days, we managed to restock several of Chlotique’s most popular brands for the spring and summer season and find trendy new brands. We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on all the new inventory! 

While at market, I noticed several prominent trends shown by vendors, some new and some continuing from the fall and winter season. The most popular I noticed were: texture, embroidery, clean lines, off the shoulder and 70s vibes.

Texture, Texture, Texture!

I could not believe the amount of texture found all over the market. Vendors were mixing and matching it in combinations I would have never thought of. It’s for sure going to be a trend for the coming seasons. Lace, fur, chiffons, bulky knits, suede—you name it..and then wear it! 



This was another trend that stuck out wherever we went. There was embroidery in tops, dresses, bags—even denim. It ranged from overbearing and a bit ridiculous to subtle and really pretty. This trend took me back to my grade school days full of brightly embroidered tees and tanks. 

Clean Lines

This trend was displayed at vendors that carried more modern business wear type apparel with sleek, clean silhouettes. Oversized outwear in neutral colors, capes, structured jackets and sweaters were a few of the common pieces.

Off the Shoulder

What better way to show a little skin in the transition from winter to spring than with a cute off the shoulder top? We love the Boho chic, easy-going feel these tops give off! Different styles were everywhere so there will be plenty to choose from come spring.

70s Vibes

I hope you didn’t think we were leaving the 70s behind in the fall and winter seasons because this trend was EVERYWHERE! Vendors had suede clothing in every color of the rainbow, countless peasant tops, fringe (you can’t do the 70s without a little fringe) and many washes of flare jeans. You have no excuse not to channel your inner Boho-hippie-chick now. 

Excited?? Staying trendy as always, Chlotique will be stocked on these trends come spring!


I also want to give you a little sneak peak at a few of the awesome brands we picked up from market!

Amuse Society

Get ready to feel like a California girl because this brand exudes the beachy, relaxed, cool-girl vibe every ocean-side, tanned Californian seems to have.

Junk Food

Is your closet lacking grungy graphic or concert tees? Not anymore! This is one of my favorite brands from the entire market and we picked up some great options for you. Bonus: we found tons of Vikings, Packers, Broncos, Bears and Chiefs merchandise you’ll need to support your favorite teams!

Diba True

For those customers who love our Bed Stus, we found another great premium leather shoe brand! From sandals to boots, these shoes are high-quality, stylish and comfortable.


One touch of these super soft, lightweight sweaters and you’ll be hooked! Add a great price point and you might end up with one of everything. 


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