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Before choosing a new brand to carry, a lot of thought goes into the selection process. At Chlotique, we are proud of our brands and eager to share what makes them special! So once a month, I will be bragging about some of our favorites and sharing some history about the companies and their stories.

This month, I am excited to share four of our philanthropic accessory brands that have mastered the combination of meaning and style: Count Your Blessings, Second Chance, The Giving Key and Headbands of Hope. WARNING: These brands make it easy to splurge when you know it’s for a good cause!


Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings is a unique brand that sells Blessing Bracelets as more than just another fashion accessory. Each bracelet is a labor of love, handmade with gemstone beads and sterling silver components and comes with a Count Your Blessings inspirational card. The brand hopes that while wearing the bracelet, you are constantly reminded of all you are blessed with. Not does a Blessing Bracelet enrich your life, it is also charitable! For each bracelet sold, $1.00 is donated to The National Kidney Foundation of Maryland and goes directly to medical research.


Second Chance

We love the concept behind the Second Chance keychains we carry! The semi-precious gemstones that are used in each keychain are discarded stones that could not be used in the bracelets. The brand believed the stones needed a purpose and turned them into unique keychains that can slip over the wrist and be worn as a bracelet. Practical and fashionable! Second Chance pays it forward and gives the profit of the keychain to animals in need so they can find their second chance.


The Giving Key

The Giving Key is personally one of my favorite brands we carry. Located in L.A., the company has a passion for inspiring others and promoting positive messages. The Giving Key hires those who are affected by homelessness to help them transition to a better stage in life. The idea behind each key is to choose one that represents you—unique, flawed, scarred, etc.—with a message that is meaningful and later in life, when you run into someone who needs the message more than you, give them your key. My advice? Always have several backups! It’s hard to choose just one anyway.


Headbands of Hope

Headbands of Hope (HOH) is a brand that has adopted the BOGO trend—buy one GIVE one. HOH focuses on making children with cancer feel special, gifting a headband each time one is purchased and donating to cancer research. The company has made strides since April 2012, having donated headbands to every children’s hospital in the U.S. How cool is that?? Chlotique carries HOH headbands for all ages so everyone can be cute with a cause!

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